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when you spell a word so wrong that spell check is like i dont know what to tell u man


Street Photography in Chicago 

by: Casey Garner

My favorite place in the world.








Where twerking originated

muthafuckas need to learn

I hate when people say it’s not the same thing. Like sure the social context may have changed but the style of dance is the same. A lot of the things we do today got passed down and we don’t even realize… Like sucking our teeth out of frustration is a habit that comes out of west Africa.

Other things include

Rolling in an entourage. In my culture it is taboo to go to events e.g to visit the in-laws without an entourage. You have to take your people. A person without people is unheard of. Just taboo.

Speaking in rhyme and using metarphors. Using metaphors is also  sign of respect ‘hlonipha’. You can’t just blurt out things, you’ve got to couch them well.

Pouring libations. Honour for the ancestors.

Name checking and calling out your bragging right. An age old African tradition, Everytime we went to visit my grandparents they’d welcome us at the gate and they’d invoke the answers by name checking and bragging about their feats.

Twerking has it’s roots in Africa however, because twerking is a very provocative dance, a lot of it was done in private specifically amongst fellow women , for example the coastal women of Kenya only do it on the eve  wedding night when they’ve gone to keep the bride company and to advise on tings and tings..y’know girl talk and how it gets raunchy.

yup! rolling with an entourage:because people can truly tell who you are, by who you chill with. and theirs a Nigerian proverb that says that better XD

ok but can we stop attributing everything that develops in diasporic cultures back to africa?

There’s a line in this commentary that makes me feel ALL kinda ways

Anonymous asked: "Have you ever loved somebody so much I made you cry?"


Yes Brandy.


I’m so happy you all turned on pharrell 


Following your interview on Oprah, your comments speaking on “the new black” has been weighing heavily on my mind. Maybe it’s the pure ignorance of your comments that has my mind rattling or maybe it’s because it’s the utter arrogance you have in thinking that you’ve somehow transcended your race. It wasn’t that long ago when I used to distance myself from other black people on the basis that I thought I was different. I thought I had somehow broke the mold because I listened to alternative music and knew what cosplay was. So ignorantly, I put myself into an imaginary sub category.

It wasn’t until this past summer, while watching the George Zimmerman trials and hearing all the hatred being flung in the direction of a dead child and his grieving family who were strangers to many, that the rose colored glasses I had been wearing broke.

It dawned on me that my blackness wasn’t something I could hide behind activities that had been deemed “white”. My skin will always be the first thing that will greet people at the door before my accolades or hobbies could even reach the door mat. So instead of being a part of the problem, I decided to be a part of the solution in destroying the idea that I was a special little snowflakes.

But that hasn’t resonated with you in your forty plus years of life.
You’ve decided to take it upon yourself and create an elite new group of black people that refer to themselves as “the new black”. Your money and success has blinded your consciousness and your empathy for your own race. You’ve decided that you were too good for us and went to extreme lengths to distance yourself.

Blackness isn’t a state mind. It isn’t something that you can market and sell to the multitudes. My skin color isn’t something I have to make work. People’s ignorance and blatant hatred is what I have to navigate through. You say that “the new black” people don’t blame other for their races, so let’s talk about how your comments are holding our race back. My dreams are boundless and doesn’t need erase my race in order to come into fruition.


A person comfortable in their “old” blackness

— Open Letter to Pharrell about “The New Black (via bellecosby)

Ugh yes

Maybe I’m being a dramatic teen but one of the broke ass people in my household took the money I was gonna use to go out tonight and they are all lying about it and my dad is being an asshole and I kind of wanna die at this point.

Sigh leaving the house is becoming really important to me because drinking dancing on tables and kissing men I’ll probably never see again are really the only thing making me feel like I’m alive now that I failed getting into college and a lot of other things and probably do not have a future tbqh. Not that I don’t love that stuff anyway I just need to distract myself from the trainwreck this year has been on my soul

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when people say they don’t date black girls, what i hear is “i’m not interested in the baddest bitches on the planet. instead, i enjoy mediocrity, green bean casserole during the holidays, milk with my pasta, and keds”



if you don’t support fat girls in crop tops and mini skirts then i cannot support you

Guys I’m fat and I look great in both these things do not let the scale fool you